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The Roof Access Cage Ladders by International Aluminum Products. Are designed to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI A14.3 standards. We feature all-welded aluminum construction with no field assembly required unless instructed by the contractor. The Roof Access Cage is manufactured with non-spark, high-strength materials to applicable ASTM standards, with standard mill finish. Ladder rungs are a standard width.Made from deep serrated material for sure-footed climbing, with 1,000 pound loading capacity. Ladder cage dimensions conform to conform to OSHA guidelines. The Roof Access Cage Ladder is designed to provide a more secure climbing environment when ladder distances exceed 12 feet or more in hazardous areas. Standard wall mounting brackets are included with all ladders. Our double lock gates are very secure for unwanted guests. Our delivery times are usually 2-4 days.

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